Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 3 BD/Anniv

Starting at 8am we did a last stint at Disneyland to catch a few rides we missed, then on over to California Adventure for the rest of the day. None of us had been there before, so we had a lot of learning where everything was to do. The rides were great, but maybe that was because we'd never been on them before. Toy Story ride was awesome, it was like a shooting gallery from a moving seat. Greg took Brenae on the mondo ferris wheel, then Brenae and I rode the California Screaming roller coaster. From there, we went on the Grizzly River Run......water water everywhere and we got wet to prove it! We know we definately need to spend more time at this park next time... 2 days seems like it would have been enough, but with the crowds it slows ya up....I'm shooting for 3 full days next time! wahoo Ü
We loved being with Brenae and showing her the magic of Disneyland... We can't wait to share the same experience with her other siblings! Thanks grampa for making it possible.....Happy 10th Birthday to Brenae and Happy 36th Anniversary to Greg and Dawn Ü
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Day 2 of BD/Anniv

Breakfast @ 7am and through the gates at 8am. We started the day with the Haunted Mansion, 2 rounds on Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones then moved over to Tomorrowland where we enjoyed the new ride "Buzzlightyear".
Brenae had sooo much fun seeing all the things that were in Disneyland and especially the characters. She had her picture taken with Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Bob the Builder, and Tinkerbell.
The parade for the day was "Celebrate", cause of Disneylands birthday. During the parade they sought audience participation, soooo Brenae shook her bootie doing the twist. She had a lot of fun
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Brenae's BD - Our Anniv. Celebration

Our adventure began Monday morning finding out that Brenae might have an ear infection. The drive to So. Cal. was suppose to start with Brenae being picked up at 10am. We picked her up, but instead of hitting the road, we took her to the Dr.'s ofc. to check things out. Sure enough, there was a small infection brewing in her right ear. After picking up her Rx, we were on the road by 11:30am.
It took us 5 hours to get to our hotel in Anaheim, directly across the street from the walking path to the gates of Disneyland. We rested up then headed over to Buena Park to eat dinner and see the show at "Medieval Times". We got there just as the court was making their entrance!

Brenae was a little surprised to find out she had to eat with her fingers!.. what a hoot:) We were in the Blue kingdom and cheered for the Blue knight, who eventually got killed in the end :(
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Chewy (Gower and Tina's son) is expected to stay with us until Sunday (give or take a day). We've had him for 7 hours now and he has managed to chew the ends off two water toys, dig a hole in the grass, pull the stuffing out of the hammock and torment the neighbors dog Roxy until she snapped at him and had to be taken back into her own yard!

"Like father, like son" Ü

(well atleast the torment "his sisters" part is the same) LOL
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday BooBooBear

Nemiha Cashell Slane
Born August 2, 1983

We love you and hope that you have a wonderful birthday!

Wish we could be there....

loveyou, themom and dad
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pine Trees Gone :(

Like the killing of a friend it was hard to see these trees go. We planted them 23 yrs ago and watched them grow. We enjoyed their protection from the winds, the privacy they offered and marvelled in their beauty when covered with snow. Unfortunately, their roots were undermining the utilities and the driveway, with threat of toppeling over in the winds.

They will be greatly missed. :(

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dinkey Creek Vacation July 09

The water at Dinkey was awesome this year.... lots more than last year, but of course, we were there 4 weeks earlier this time. The pools were deeper and there was more water flowing in the slide area....funfunfun!!

Here you see Brenae cliff jumping into deep water.

Beached on a rock and have'n a great time until the crowds came about an hour later.
Goofin around before packing up camp.

We've decided Dinkey is going to become a yearly tradition...
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