Monday, May 25, 2009

The Yard/House

Greg and Jarom helping each other mow the lawn. Greg has great fun with the kids on the days he picks them up and brings them over for a play date.
I bought new light fixtures for the planter. Greg did a great job of installing them. Look how nice the planter looks! As you can tell, the window shade was open. Yeah, that's me taking the picture with the front door showing through the window. Kinda cool looking!
Brayden thought this was a water fountain and took a sip before I could shout "no", ick ick

grapevines on right with berry bushes (trailing up on wire) middle of picture. zucchini, crookneck, tomatoes, onion, lemon cukes, and the little bit of green on the bottom of the picture (left of berry bushes) is potatoes and corn.

The agapantha has been removed!


Damery Family said...

it's looking good. I love the new lights.

Farley said...

I love the flowers by the creepy kid fountain. Your yard looks lovely

Farley said...

PS. it looks weird with out the agapantha after all these years

The Studes said...

the yard looks good!